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Some feedback from our former clients

"This writing is to encourage people to get the proper legal representation whether or not you know anything about the laws and how to go about it. In my misadventure, someone or something has looked after me as Diana Spektor was sent to me to represent me in a civil case. I could not have found better legal representation or the extremely strong and passionate persona that I needed to organize the immense disarray of what was happening. Not only did Diana Spektor represent me beyond what I could have hoped, but she was there to guide, comfort and motivate when it was needed. I have found in Diana Spektor and her firm, a great professionalism and a family oriented group that to this day I am grateful to have had on my side."

Christian M. 4/1/15

"Diana Spektor is the most trustworthy attorney I’ve ever dealt with. She is smart, tough, and very ethical. I would trust her with my life. Her experience and judgment is beyond superior."

Natalie G. 2/23/15

"Diana Spektor is one of the best personal injury attorneys. Without a doubt she is the most deserving, knowledgeable and respectful lawyer in her field. Throughout the years I was involved in two major car accidents and was seeking for a great attorney. Due to my car accidents I suffered multiple injuries and desperately needed help. Diana Spektor was highly recommended by a few people I know.

Working with Diana turned out to be more than I could ever expect! Her professionalism, her knowledge and ability to execute the given tasks as well as obstacles were superb!! Her punctuality, experience and most importantly endless determination won me these complex cases. I was treated by a few wonderful professionals recommended by Mrs. Spektor and felt much better within several months.

I couldn't be more grateful with the results Diana have delivered. I know I can always depend on her. She always listens, gives a good advise and willing to help in any situation. Working with Diana made me realize that she is not only an outstanding attorney, but she is also a woman with a big heart and magnetic personality that I can always trust and most importantly count on."

Natalie G. (Yelp Review)

"I came to see Attorney Diana Spektor after being involved in a car accident. She was compassionate, helpful, and knowledgeable in what needed to be done to make sure that I was protected and my expenses taken care of. Also Diana was very meticulous selecting the best doctors for curing the injury I suffered during this car accident. I felt like I could trust Diana Spektor in making sure my best interest was kept in mind. I would feel comfortable sending my friends and family to Spektor Law Corporation knowing they would be in the best hands!"

Bella S. 2/2/15 (Yelp Review)

"Dear Diana,
I'd like to express my gratitude for all the hard work you have done on my behalf. I appreciate your diligent and supportive manner during the past few months with my claim and getting me the full settlement. Without question, you have done the best job possible for me. I will be honored to recommend your service as a lawyer well experienced and your compassion as a human being."

Robert D. 5/28/14

"Attorney Diana Spektor is an Angel on earth whom I will always be thankful to for helping me when I really needed help. Her 20 years of experience shows in how she handled my case so perfectly. About a year ago I was injured in an auto accident. I contacted Diana Spektor to represent me in order to both clear me of any fault and get compensation for my medical expenses and injuries. From our initial conversation and subsequent first meeting I was intrigued by her listening, questioning and gathering of the details related to the accident. In the whole process, one of her top concerns was my well-being, and in order to achieve that she referred me to very qualified doctors who helped with my bodily injuries and recovery. I thank her that she always instilled confidence in me that I will be fine and the case will be resolved in a positive way.... and she delivered what she promised. She worked hard on my case, always prepared and had a winning outcome in my favor. She cleared me of any fault, got an amazing settlement to cover my medical expenses and compensation for my pain and suffering. She did everything possible to get me what she thought the case was worth. Diana is a well qualified, experienced, articulate and caring attorney. I highly recommend and thank her."

Robert D. (Yelp Review)

"Spektor Law was an absolute pleasure to work with. Diana communicates extremely well and is always available for any questions. I recommend Spektor Law!"

Alex G. 12/9/14

"I hope I never have another accident any more, but if I have one you will have more work. Thank you so much for your great job. La mejor decision para solucionar mis problemas despues de mi accidente due llamar a Spektor Law Corporation."

Alejandro D. P. 9/22/14

"To Diana Spektor and Staff,
With common courtesy to you and your staff I thought it only right to write this letter to you than to quickly write or should I say type this down. You Diana and to your staff worked so hard, you put all your heart and all your soul into this case and I with all my heart appreciate the consistency. Within a two year span this case is finally wrapping up and I can honestly say that what came out of the case, it definitely showed all the hard work that you Diana and your firm put into it. I got more than I ever expected. I will be sending out referrals to your Company and telling about the excellence and the professionalism that your firm represents. I just wish that there were more law firms out there that could have the respect and compassion that you have when representing a client, instead of just thinking about the lining of there pockets. May God continue to be with you as you continue to help and serve other people that are going through legal problems; that your Law Firm will continue to grow and be successful in the years to come.

With all my blessings, to you again I say Thank You Ever So Much For Everything you have done for me. Love & Peace. P.S. I am happy."

Cherrelle P. 5/28/14

"I was in a car accident and all I can say is that Diana Spektor made this a very comfortable experience for me. I have had the opportunity to have had Diana Spektor from the Law Office of Spektor Law Corporation to represent me. I do not even exaggerate when I say for the four months that I was laid up healing, I had not one solitary thing to ever worry about, she was god sent, an excellent attorney who represented me very well, she represents with experience, loyalty, patience, professionalism, she is very smart, she is very stern, she knows her business and she knows your rights, she fought and worked very hard for me to get the settlement I deserved. with all the legal terminology that I did not understand, nonstop she would explain to me over again until I got it. She would let me know exactly what my case was up against.

Every legal document that I needed to have, I always got it in a timely fashion to read so that I could know every inch of my case. There was always constant communication, between use, she got back to me asap, when I needed to speak to her, not like some attorneys who dodge you, not really caring about your well being just caring about there pockets. She cared. I was amazed, I was overwhelmed, I was grateful for her complete honesty, she never sugarcoated anything, she was going to do her very best, letting me know that it could either turn out this way or that. during this whole time. I felt totally secure from the beginning until it all finally came to an end. I had no doubts...I had no worries. I had the chance to heal properly and get back on my feet full force. This is rare when dealing with lawyers."

Cherrelle P. (Yelp Review)

"I had an incident on an LACMTA bus in July, 2011. The driver of the bus closed the doors while I was getting on the bus and caused an injury to my right shoulder. I was referred to Spektor Law Corporation by an acquaintance. Diana J. Spektor, Esq. knew exactly what to do, and while LACMTA did not wish to admit fault initially, Ms. Spektor went to battle for me and made sure LACMTA admitted fault in litigation. She was able to obtain an excellent result on my behalf. After my case resolved in 2013, my medical bills amounted to more than $100,000.00. Ms. Spektor was able to reduce the medical bills close to $70,000.00 in order to make sure I benefitted in the end. Without her assistance, I know I would not be able to get the recovery I received. I don’t think any law office is as dedicated to their clients as Spektor Law Corporation. Ms. Spektor really understood what needed to be done, worked personally with me, attended the hearings with me, prepared me for what was to come and explained the process. I thank attorney Spektor for her work and her dedication. Anyone would be lucky to have Ms. Spektor as their attorney."

Lydia C. 1/28/14

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!! Words cannot express how thankful I am to you and everyone at Spektor Law! I’m so glad Jessica gave me your number! Thank you for never giving up, even when I wanted to. All the stress I was going through because of this case was driving me crazy! Thank you for taking that stress away! It’s so nice to finally wake up in the morning and go to bed at night peacefully! You are amazing and if I ever have to go through something like this again, there will be NO if, ands, or buts about coming to you again! I trust that you will take care of me! Thank you for everything!"

Adrianna P. 5/28/13

"This letter is in regards to my experience with Spektor Law. I was very pleased with my settlement and the manner in which my case was handled. Ms. Spektor and her office was always very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had or return my phone calls. I will definitely refer her to anyone seeking an attorney."

Anna O. M. 2/26/13

"Dear Diana Spektor,
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you and your firm in regards to a DUI car accident, in which I was a victim. Being a victim of a DUI car accident, I knew I had to place my trust in a firm and in a lawyer to represent me in such serious case. Therefore, I reached out to my State Farm agent and she recommended me Attorney Diana Spektor from Spektor Law Corporation. That was by far the greatest recommendation I have ever had in my entire life. My overall experience was beyond what I expected. From day one until she settled my case, Diana was extremely diligent, persistent, and every time I had a question or thought, she was there for me like a great mother is for her child. I honestly could not ask for a better firm to assist me with such case, especially now days. Diana and her office team members proved their loyalty and service each time and every time I needed their assistance, whether it was by phone, email or mail, we always kept great communication. Frankly, having this firm on your side is a really great choice and personally if any unfortunate occurrence is to take place in the near future, I will definitely return back to Diana and Spektor Law Corporation no questions asked. Thank you Diana, I am deeply appreciative for your support. You are truly the BEST!"

Frank C. 11/10/11

"My elderly mother, who required the use of a wheelchair and a walker, fell in an assisted living facility and suffered a fracture of her right hip. She had to undergo surgery to repair her hip. We were referred to Spektor Law Corporation. Diana J. Spektor, Esq. is very knowledgeable and explained things thoroughly to me and my family. She was there for us when we needed her. Ms. Spektor helped my mother through the deposition process and through the whole case. Ms. Spektor was able to command a very favorable settlement against the assisted living facility. My mother and I were very glad that the assisted living facility was held accountable for their conduct. After the settlement, Medicare requested a payback of $76,000.00 for medical treatment my mother received, Ms. Spektor continued to work on the case and was able to negotiate a $58,000.00 reduction of my mother’s Medicare lien.

Ms. Spektor genuinely cares about her clients and the cases she works on. My family and I thank attorney Spektor for doing a great job on the case and not letting the assisted living facility get away with neglecting elderly people. We also thank her for continuing to work on the case after the settlement and achieving such a large reduction of the Medicare lien for us. Without attorney Spektor and Spektor Law Corporation, this would not have been possible. We will be forever grateful for Ms. Spektor’s help and most of all for her kind heart."

Michelle T. 10/25/11

"Attorney Diana Spektor is very knowledgeable and very personal; she cares about client and about getting the best result for the case. I'm very happy with my monetary recovery and I appreciate Diana Spektor and her staff for making me feels that my car accident was just another event in my life. They helped me to handle all aspects and at the end I again drive Porsche. Thank you Spektor Law."

Mukul L. 11/8/10

"We were recommended to call when we told our story to a friend. We received more money then we previously thought that we can get. Thanks to attorney Diana Spektor. She is patient, trustworthy, ever so friendly, reliable, and very communicative throughout the entire process. Spektor Law Corp. is a good law firm to go to if you thinks that you may have an injury case. Ms. Spektor is patient, trustworthy, ever so friendly, reliable, and very communicative throughout the entire process. If you're looking for an attorney who will work your case thoroughly from start to finish, and will get the best results for you, seriously, look no further!"

Victor W. 11/1/10 and 12/29/09

"We were referred to Ms. Spektor by another attorney and now we understand that it was the right decision to become her clients. My mom was injured in her Nursing Home last year. We went to different lawyers before and everyone was giving us vague answers about the case. Diana Spektor was very straight forward with us and compassionate at the same time. She visited our mom in the hospital and made sure my mom's needs were taken care of. She provided her with emotional support when our mom really needed it. She did not hesitate to take our case to court in order to get more value. We recently settled the case. We know that without Spektor Law Corporation we would have never gotten this type of settlement. We are extremely happy with Spektor Law Corporation and the expertise of Ms. Diana Spektor and her staff. We would highly recommend Ms. Diana Spektor as an excellent Personal Injury and Elder Law attorney."

Josh C. 10/29/10

"Diana Spektor helped me with couple of my accidents, first one was about 7 years ago and second one happened in March 2016. She is very professional, respectful, knowledgeable person in her industry. She answered all my questions, gave professional advice and was very clear with what should I do step by step. She helping me to deal with the accident in the most pleasant way. Once, I called her on Saturday afternoon and she called me back right away. Another time, I needed help urgently and called her around 7.30 pm. I did not know, but she was on her family vacation at that time. Even though, she called me back right away and helped me. What an amazing customer service!!! Highly recommend!!"

Elena S. (Yelp Review)

"I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Diana defend me in a car accident that I was in. She is one of the most intelligent and dedicated people I have ever met in my life. She really does know exactly what she is doing and will go to great lengths to ensure your best interests. If you happen to find yourself needing a lawyer, you would be a fool not to seek counsel from Diana Spektor. You wont be disappointed and I mean come on, she's a genius."

Joe G. (Yelp Review)

"I was a victim in a red light run and was seriously injured both emotionally and physically. There was no witnesses available, regardless of the amount of evidence due to an absence of witnesses for the case at hand, Diana Spektor accepted the case and dedicated her time and effort to make sure justice was served. Ms. Spektor has a lot of passion which sets her aside from a lot of lawyers I previously encountered. It was her passion that made her fully confident in the case outcome when other lawyers were doubtful and refused to help. I would definitely recommend her as she is the best advocate for any case. Regardless of the impossibilities she will overcome obstacles and shed light in a bad situation for the sole purpose of justice being served for her clients."

Mojgan H. (Yelp Review)

"Recently I was in a car accident with my wife. My mom who is 88 years old called me around 11 pm telling me that she doesn't feel good, called 911, and they are taking her to hospital. We jumped in car and start driving from Reseda to West Hollywood. While going down Reseda Boulevard we were t-boned, the car was totaled - my wife sustained neck and lower back injuries and I had problems with the left side of my lower body and lower back. The driver in other car had neither driving license, nor insurance. The situation was pretty creepy!!

A friend of mine suggests calling Diana Spektor, Attorney at Law and she was quick to get my wife and me in touch with some good doctors. It helped that she was always reaching out to update us on the status of the case without us having to chase them down. We were frightened that we would get stuck with major medical bills, but Diana took care of us negotiating bills and we felt that we were in capable hands. We're happy with our settlements, because we feel like we came out on top. As lawyers she is very professional. I would definitely recommend her office to family members and friends."

Mark P. (Yelp Review)

"Dear Diana Spektor,
I would like to thank you for your help in my lawsuit. I do not think that I would have received the satisfaction I did, if it had not been for you and your staff’s determination, skill and professionalism. I feel that I was treated with complete understanding and compassion. Thank you again"

Patricia W.

"Thank you very much for your work, for being able to work with people and helping them in their life. I would like you to have lots of success. I wish you to be surrounded by wonderful and truthful individuals. Again thank you for being tough, for believing and for your knowledge. Wishing you all the best."

Elena H.

"Dear Diana,
I am go glad M. K. referred me to you this year. It was a pleasure working with you and we are so happy with the outcome. I hope you have a wonderful holiday break with your family and loved ones. Don’t work too hard! Cheers!"

Samantha N.

"Diana, Thank you very much for helping me get some justice out of the death of S____ . It is not the money that means anything to me, it’s the care and concern you gave me, and I cant find the words to show how much I appreciate you. Love Always & Prayers for You"

Ollie M.

"Dear Atty. Spektor,
Thank you for all the hard work you did to get my daughter’s case settled. My husband and I are both happy with the settlement. Finally, the case has been settled and K. will have something to look forward to when she reaches her 25th birthday."

Victoria R.

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done. I truly appreciate your expertise and diligence!"

Lori G.

"Dearest Diana,
Our Lady of Justice, thank you so very much for all your hard work & diligent efforts on our case. You have to know that we are incredibly blessed to have had you as a part our lives. We love you and will always remember you with great price and respect."

Vickie P.

"Thank you so much! I cant say enough of how much I appreciate you and your team. Not for one moment did I ever have reservations about hiring you. Thank you for helping my wife. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for keeping us as clients even when we seemed doubtful. We love you & God bless you always Diana."

Ray P.